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Electronic Material
We supply various coating materials for advanced display fields. In particular, we concentrate on the development of specialty adhesives as well as electrical and electronic coatings for localization and top quality of special coatings for Japanese film industry.

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자료 목록
Product Name Product Detailed Description
CK-U/T-HD is a baking urethane coating which is composed of acrylic polyol and isocyanate....
CK-UV-HD is composed of urethane acrylate. It manufactured by organic / inorganic hybrid t...
CK-U/T-PS is a baking type coating with self-healing functionality which is composed of po...
SCHJ-Mix is a solvent free type UV adhesive which is composed of epoxy, monomer, initiator...
CK-PUD-PF is a water soluble one-component adhesive which is composed of aliphatic polyure...