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Floor material that enhances space quality
through special and diverse patterns
    Floor material that maintains the beauty of space
    for a long time
    MARBLE EPOXY EPIDECK 3000 is manufactured by mixing metallic pearl with non-solvent clear epoxy paint composed of special epoxy resin and modified amine. it's an interior flooring paint that can be decorated with a variety of metallic pearl particles.
    Beautiful interior effect
    Restaurant office
    Exhibit hall
    Hotel lobby
    Hair shop
Enhancing space quality
  • Silk white
  • Silver grey
  • Dark grey
  • True blue
  • Gentle blue
  • Shine blue
  • Wine
  • Red pearl
  • Wood brown
  • Bronze
  • Boutique gold
  • Jungle olive green
Try using MARBLE EPOXY in this case!
  • Café
  • Restaurant
  • Commercial Space
  • New concrete should be aged at least 30 days before coating(20℃).
  • Please thoroughly mix the base with the hardener by using electric mixer.
  • Work conditions are relative humidity under the 80%(Moisture content less than 6%).
    Temperature of substrate has to keep over 3℃ more than the dew point temperature in order to prevent the water condensation.
  • Mixing with other paint should be avoided.
  • Do not mix more than one pearl.
  • Paint the coating thickness at least 1.5mm.
  • Mixing ratio should be observed and mixed paint should be used within the pot life.
  • Too little color pearl input can reduce their concealment force.
  • Surface to be painted should be free from moisture, dust loose cement, oils and other contaminants.
  • Chipping, blast cleaning, grinding treatment can be increased adhesion of paint.
EPIDECK 3000 - MARBLE EPOXY mixing method
  • Add a pack of white color pearl to MARBLE EPOXY hardener and stir uniformly.
    After adding the mixing hardener to base, stir evenly for 1 or 2 minutes with a electric drill.
  • Stir in an one pack of other color pearl in the same way as in 1.
  • Mixed white color pearl paint is first partially poured into the floor,
    then the other color pearl is also partially poured, then spread naturally with hera or rake to overlap the two color pearl.
    (You can choose the color pearl you want.)
※ Do secondary treatment with hera, rake in about 20 to 30 minutes after topcoat to create a unique and diverse pattern. To create a variety of patterns,
    perform the second operation approximately 20 minutes after painting.
    To create unique and various patterns, have to perform the second touching work approximately 20~30 minutes after painting.
    (Mix clear paint and must painting it immediately because of their fast pot life.)