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Division Question Classification
Q Are there agencies or sales office in China? OTHER INQUIRY
A We have opened our offices in China since 2000 and currently engaging in active sales. 
Our contact information in Beijing are as follows: 

* Beijing Office: T. 86-10-6468-4022 F. 86-10-8451-4300
* Shanghai Office: T. 86-21-5439-3305 F. 86-21-5439-3306
* Overseas Division: 02-3272-2700.
Q I would like to buy or trade dimmer paint products. PRODUCT INQUIRY
A For purchase and transaction related inquiries, you may require contacting our Regional Sales Office at your location. Consultations would be promptly conducted and more conveniently. 

* Overseas Business Department: 031-380-9068 (Beijing 86-10-6468-4022 / Shanghai 86-21-5439-3305)
Q Can I request a catalog, Chokwang paint’s color book? CATALOG INQUIRY
A There are two way in which you can receive Chokwang Paint’s color book. 

1. E catalog (pdf file): 1: 1 Contact Information/ Email/ Your mail must contain the purpose for which you may need the product, and other details and we will deliver the material to you by email. 

2. Catalog / Color Booklet: If you leave your request form with your inquiry, after consulting with one of our agents at the sales agency in your region, you will receive the catalog. 

※ In case that you do not leave all the necessary information details, we might not be able to send you the catalog. 

* Overseas Business Department: 031-380-9068 (Beijing 86-10-6468-4022 / Shanghai 86-21-5439-3305)
A Our company’s technical information, coating specifications as well as certificates can be found in our website. If the material you are searching for isn’t available on our website feel free to contact our sales agent in your region or leave a 1:1 inquiry with us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.