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CHOKWANG Paint Academy

Chokwang Paint Co., Ltd’s coating training center,  
The one and only official painting and coating training center in the nation, with its systematic training program in painting and coating, and it was founded in 2012.
The center offers an unrivaled education service and technical know how’s from the 70 year old accumulated experience, offering training in painting and coating to staff and employees of companies within the related industries. The aim is fulfilling the responsibilities and roles we are committed to, in order to assist small and medium size companies a chance to enhance their skills on adapting to the latest technological changes, whereas improving their competitiveness as an enterprise by ameliorating their productivity and the quality of the products they offer.
  • Free Training
    Free course for staff and employee
    of small and medium size
    companies. (New technology)
  • Free Lending
    Free usage of training facilities
    and research equipment for staff
    and employee of small and medium size companies 
  • Matching Talent
    For affiliated companies in need
    of a coating specialist, we find
    the professional that matches their needs.
  • HRD Service
    Overall HRD support service for affiliated companies.
About Chokwang Paint Academy
Based on our accumulated technology and experience for more than 70 years,
we provide special educational services and technical know-how to employees working in the paint and coating industry.
The Paint Education Center enhances SMEs' capability to cope with the latest technology, improves their competitiveness
by increasing productivity and quality, and is taking the leading role in business development.