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A leakage detector paint
to prevent frequent accidents of
acid, alkali material
Acid, alkali leakage detector paint DCS
  • PaintDCS
    DCS Paint
    DCS paint can be applied to tanks and seamed pipes that operate chemical facilities that require the safety manager and worker to recognize leakage of acid, alkali material and prevent the big accident.
    Development of the world's best eco-friendly chemical technology
    Basic properties of paint(exterior, tank protection, anti-corrosion) &
    leakage detection effect!
    Efficiently respond to safety and environmental issue!
    Preventing acid, alkali leakage accident by early detection!
Acid, alkali leakage detector paint
Frequent leakage accident of acid, alkali material
DCS paint is preventable in advance.
Principle of discoloration of DCS by acid, alkali
  • Binder resin was invaded by acid.
  • The ingredient of pigment is exposed to acid.
  • Discolored by acid
  • Binder resin was invaded by alkali.
  • The ingredient of pigment is exposed to alkali.
  • Discolored by alkali
DCS paint laboratory test
*In consequence of 10% NaOH solution application test, color of sample discolored.
Characteristics of DCS paint
  • One-component paint,
    capable of coating over old dry film
  • Recoating is possible
    after repair of leakage.
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Rapid reactions to
    liquids and vapors
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