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Management Ideology

Humanity / Environment / Safety / Technology

We offer products and services through top chemical technology for humanity and the environment.


    A company that contributes to the development of humanity.

    a company that cares about the people and the environment.

    A company that owns the technology and production capabilities.
Our Vision

A Model Company that enlivens society, Chokwang, Putting all effort in satisfying our customers, Fostering competitive talent, Continuously developing, Chokwang.

  • Social model

    Good Example for Society
    ChoKwang Paint aims to be "the company that contributes to
    human development" and takes the initiative in setting
    a good example for society by developing technology
  • Satisfaction

    Customer Satisfaction
    We are an eco-friendly company, have special technology
    and productivity, and provide the best products that meet
    the various needs of our customers.
  • Competitiveness

    ChoKwang Paint enhances its technological competitiveness
    by continuously investing in R&D projects to develop
    new technologies in accordance with the global industry trend.
  • Growth development

    Growth and Development
    We will become a world-class chemical company
    with our best technology in the world beyond Korea.
Management Philosophy

The experts in Ethical Management

We aim at enhancing our corporate value by practicing progressive and efficient administrative roles,
contributing to the development of not only shareholders but all parties involved.
As a listed company we shall deliver on the duties and responsibilities commanded on us to become a trustworthy company.

Our company contributes to the country and society’s development, by fostering respect and remaining in compliance to domestic and foreign laws and market,
and also by taking the initiative in implementing fair trade practices, whereas promoting social values and customs.

Additionally, we have established strong ethical values on not only staff but executive level employees that are realizable,
that ensures the dignity and individual pride to deliver fairness in every performance, moreover,
we have ameliorated the name of the company by fulfilling all of the social duties commanded withal receiving the well-deserved respect.

We lay the foundation in enforcing these ethical customs to safeguard the development of a sound and fair corporate environment.