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powder coatings color
Eco-friendly powder coating with polution-free elements
It's an economical and eco-friendly powder
coating with solvent-free(Solid content: 100%)
and pollution-free elements.
Eco-friendly powder coating
    POWLAC with solid 100%, pollution-free,
    PAWLAC is a solid 100%, solvent-free, pollution-free powder coating that can be coated without a volatile solvent.

    it improves the efficiency of work and production, and is an eco-friendly powder coating with no danger factors such as organic solvent compounds poisoning or fire hazards.
    Development of the World's Best Eco-Friendly Chemical Technology
Eco-friendly powder coating
POWLAC, World-recognized eco-friendly powder coating
Try using POWLAC in this case!
  • Heavy machinery
  • Train
  • Order product will take longer to supply than general products, so be sure to check the color table of the order product.
  • Differentiate interior/exterior products according uses.
  • If you coated with metallic color such as Silver, Copper, and Gold, must coat clear finish paint after metallic color coating.
  • Please check paint system specifications and TDS(technical data sheet) before coating.