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Energy-saving cool-roof paint with heat insulation/block
Cool-roof paint 'EVERCOOL' to reduce indoor temperature
Cool-roof paint 'EVERCOOL' to reduce indoor temperature
  • Cool Roof EVERCOOL
    1-component type waterborne heat insulating
    paint 'EVERCOOL'
    EverCool is a high-performance paint that uses special infrared reflective hollow sphere pigments to effectively reflect the infrared wavelengths of sunlight, which reduces the amount of heat flowing in from the outside environment and prevents increases in the indoor temperature. 
    functional insulation paint that uses special infrared-reflective pigment to achieve highly effective insulation performance. It is a nature-friendly and functional paint that reduces energy consumption.
    * Application of heat-resistant paint 
Energy saving type rooftop waterproofing paint
  • Rooftop house
    Summer-fearing rooftop house
  • Building
    Cooling /Heating bill-fearing building
  • Rooftop
    Rooftop having high temperature
EVERCOOL Roof(WB) Special advantage
EVERCOOL Roof(WB) Painting system
EVERCOOL WaterProof Special advantage
EVERCOOL WaterProof Painting system
EVERCOOL Top Special advantage
EVERCOOL Top Painting system
Energy-saving type exposed waterproofing material
differential painting EVERCOOL series
Thermal Performance Results Reflects over 90% of heat, and blocks UV rays.
Surface Temperature Measurement Results
Helps reduce air-conditioning costs by preventing increases in indoor temperature.
15% reduction in electricity consumption with EverCool (over 3 months) 
  • Polyurethane
  • Concrete