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Please protect bedroom more safely!
For spray work
Low toxic furniture paint
Health-conscious furniture paint
  • Paint SIRCATAN
    Wood paint for high-quality furniture
    SIRCATAN is a wood paint produced by technical cooperation with the global Italian paint maker SIRCA.
    Development of the world's best eco-friendly chemical technology
    It is a two-component urethane paint specializing in high-build, hardness, spreadability, light resistance, durability, cold resistance and heat resistance.
Revolutionary improved low toxic paint
The reason why every worker and customer is healthy!
This product is harmless to human body since it has significantly decreased TDI content to less than 0.3% which is below the standard regulation value of 0.5% chosen by many other developed countries!
Component that mainly affects on the eyes, respiratory organ, skin, etc.
In case of prolonged exposure, it may cause chronic bronchitis and pneumonia, etc.
The smell can be sensed when it is more than 0.1ppm, at this moment, the condition is already exceeded the standard of allowable concentration.
Therefore, please care must be taken because it can cause long-term exposure in the unconscious.
Try using SIRCATAN in this case!
  • High-quality furniture
  • Wooden artwork
  • Please weigh the base and hardener precisely and mix.
  • Please use only the amount as much to be used within the pot life.
  • In case of continuous operation during summer season, bubbles can be formed on the surface of coating,
    please apply coating thinly 1 to 2 times and extend the recoating time interval from 50 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Please apply recoating after grinding.
  • Since the hardener reacts with moisture and becomes hardened, please seal the rest of paint after use.