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Floor Coating Water Proofing System
Eco-friendly waterproof flooring paints
that think both human and environment
MULANSAE, Waterproof flooring paint
  • Floor Coating Water Proofing System
    MULANSAE, Waterborne type waterproof flooring paint
    CHOKWANG PAINT's Water proof flooring paint is an eco-friendly building material designed for the convenience of customers and used for construction and leading future building culture with the best technology.
    Development of the World's Best Environmentally Friendly Chemical
    The paint is a waterborne, 1-component, easy-to-work, eco-friendly waterproof flooring paint.
    it is strong in coating, high elastic and durable, and is suitable for building rooftops and other waterproof areas.
Eco-friendly waterproof technology
  • Eco-friendly
    Use of waterborne acryl urethane resins
  • Strong coating, high elasticity
    1-component elastic waterproofing paint
  • Fast drying rate
    Fast drying rate
  • Waterborne
    Easy to work
  • High duablility
    High adhesion strength and duablility
  • Excellent properties
    Excellent mechanical properties
Try using MULANSAE in this case!
  • Rooftop
  • The place where required waterproofing
  • Concrete must be cured sufficiently.(20℃, more than 4 weeks) Please paint in this condition. (Moisture content: below 8%, pH 8~9)
  • If you take a recoating over old-film, check the suitability with old-film before coating.
  • Paint it after smoothing treatment without cracks or bumps.
  • Do not paint thick at once, divide 2 to 3 times.
  • Avoid painting in winter (below 5°C) and heat wave (above 35°C).
Eco-friendly / Fast dry / Excellent elasticity / High mechanical property